music video

Porch Pickin’, Pickup Trucks and “Country Pride”

What else would you expect for a country music video?  Well, probably not a music video by Buck 22 who recently made some buzz with his revamped version of Billy Ray Cyrus’ infamous Achy Breaky Heart with Achy Breaky 2.   Producer/Rapper Buck 22 is more than meets the eye, a pleasure to work with. […]

“Someday Somebody” – Heidi Feek

“Someday Somebobdy” is the first single from Heidi Feek’s debut full-length album, which comes out October 8, 2013 on Western Pin-Up Records. Director: Gabe McCauley Featuring: Caitlin Rose and Sam Farkas Art Direction: Casey Pierce Produced by: lilDRAGON Editors: Nick Nichols and Joel McAfee

“Josephine” – Joey+Rory

We had a blast – literally – making this Civil War era music video with Joey+Rory. We had so many amazing people come out and help with the shooting of this video. Special thanks to David Andrews II, Gene Andrews, Sons of the Confederate Veterans, and all the other re-enactors who gave their time, sweat […]

“When I’m Gone”- Joey+Rory

lilDRAGON has traded in their flat caps and barefoot shoes for some good ol’ cowboy hats and a nasty pair of spurs- shooting country music videos will do that to ya’.  Even though this change of costume does make us look like a couple of tough hombres, this music video definitely made the tear gates […]

“Ignite Me” – Chelsea Bain

We recently wrapped up this little hot tamale with the up and coming artist, Chelsea Bain.  Her new song “Ignite Me” will soon burn up the charts.  We had a splendid time working with Chelsea.  This was one of those firecrackers that came along at the very last minute with only 4 days of prep time. […]