Someday, Somebody is Gonna Notice…


…and somebody did.  In 2013, the guys over at The Nashville Scene put together a list of the top 26 local music videos and we made the cut. So why are we telling you about this now? Two words:

Mannequin Challenge.

Granted, we didn’t know about Black Beatles then, so we did you one better and created a video with Heidi Feek showcasing her song Someday, Somebody.

Her partnership with Director/D.P. Gabe McCauley, along with Art Director Casey Pierce birthed a dark little story with noir written all over it.

The video joins a list with such the likes of actor/director Shia LaBeouf.

Femme Fatale and local Artist Caitlin Rose  and heart throb Sam Farkas (of Space Capone) both did a “killer” job portraying lovers caught in a love triangle.



Here’s what the Scene had to say:

“Someday Somebody” video is, according to Goose, “a beautifully shot clip, complete with spooky living-photograph effects” that is “a perfect complement” to the smoldering track. Smolder on.

The video played at “Salute your Shorts” a Nashville local celebration of short films and music videos.


Check this little diddy out if you haven’t already, and listen to more of Heidi’s music here. She is an incredible artist, and legit friend with a big heart. We look forward to more collaborations in the future.


And by the way…..
Heidi won the Mannequin Challenge before the Mannequin Challenge was cool.

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