Horses, Arabia, and the 1800s.

While we are about to introduce you to a film in the early stages of funding & pre-production, we will not be introducing you to this one, though I expect we just did…
The Equestrienne is a story of a woman in the late 1860s who attempts to preserve an ancient Arabian horse breed, despite her scandalous behavior. For a little tease of what’s to come, here is the pre-production trailer we recently produced.

The Equestrienne – Pre-production Movie Trailer from Two Ones Farm Productions on Vimeo.


Writer/Director Elizabeth Knizley gives more details about the story as well as some insight into the world of independently funded film-making in this behind-the-scenes pitch video. Keep an eye out for lilDRAGON’s Gabriel McCauley as the Director of Photography.


The Equestrienne – Production Campaign Video from Two Ones Farm Productions on Vimeo.

For more information on how to help Elizabeth & lilDRAGON produce this film, see the links below.





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