HoosierHeifer.com Spec Ad

We recently adopted our character from the Two Old Men YouTube channel and created this spec ad to pitch a subsequent campaign to tech companies.  Filmed on location in Columbia, TN the video features lilDRAGON Director/Actor Gabe McCauley as some bizarro older version of himself.

We feel the video is enjoyable enough to go on ahead and share it with the world wide web – so sit back and let the comic stylings of lilDRAGON soothe you through your mid-week slump.

HoosierHeifer.com Spec Ad from lilDRAGON on Vimeo.

Also, feel free to hit us up if you’re interested in an original ad campaign like the one in discussion.

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Nobody Works Harder

VMI – Web Video from lilDRAGON on Vimeo.

Together with Werkshop Branding we produced 14 videos total in this testimonial campaign for the Van Meter Insurance Group. We traveled on location to 7 different clients of VMI and across 3 states to capture these stories.

Van Meter insures a wide range of industries including coal mining, lumber, oil transportation, and food/agriculture to name a few.

VMI – Corvette Claim Story from lilDRAGON on Vimeo.

One of the more recognizable and unique stories came from the VMI client Corvette Museum, who made national headlines last year with a massive sink hole collapse in the middle of their museum floor.

Follow this link to see all 14 videos we produced if you’re feeling like getting all sentimental about Van Meter Insurance with us.


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Two Old Men

If you have lived in or near the south or have family that resides in the dixieland, then you’ll likely relate to this original series created by Gabe and our close friend & motion graphics artist, Josh Stafford simply titled “Two Old Men.” In the series, Josh & Gabe channel their inner old men leaning on their childhood remembrances of their parents, grandparents, and/or family at casual get-togethers & family reunions to create some truly memorably pointless conversations.

In the first set of episodes, the men discuss things like entertainment, helpful sleeping habits, and types of shampoos. Be a good neighbor and subscribe to the channel to keep up with all the tangential ramblings of Two Old Men.

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Charting the Uncharted

IMG_2342In the past several years we’ve worked closely with PopFizz and Designsensory out of Knoxville, TN on a variety of productions.  Last year, our friends & colleagues created a thirty minute television show titled Tennessee Uncharted for the TWRA and we tagged along for some of the fun; as well as aided with post-production.

The show aims to share the beauty of Tennessee by taking people along on outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, and more! The show was fun to work on considering it features unique and popular outdoor activities and venues around the state of Tennessee.

The first season of the show premiered in the fall of 2014, which you can view from the Youtube channel. The show also airs on local PBS stations Saturdays at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT and Sunday at 3p.m. ET/ 2 p.m. CT. Season two is currently in production. For more information, view the website or Facebook page.

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Opry Archive Sizzle Reel

Opry Archive Sizzle Reel from lilDRAGON on Vimeo.

As Nashvillians, we have a soft spot for the Grand Ole Opry. Arguably the highlight of Nashville, this legendary landmark has a long history of great country and gospel music.

lilDRAGON recently had the opportunity to work for the Grand Ole Opry Archive division to create this promotional video. It will be used to sell licensing for over ninety years of iconic photos, videos, and recordings of some of the greatest names in the country music industry.

It was a unique experience to work with footage of country music legends like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Brad Paisley & more. Not only did we get to shed light on current country musicians, we also brought life to the older legends of country music.

Fun tidbit: the photo wall in the video was inspired by a wall backstage in the Opry, lined with framed pictures of thousands of performers over the years.

Motion Graphic Animation by Josh Stafford


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